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Philips LivingColors Gen 2 69171/60/PU Colour Changing Mood Lamp with Remote Control, Clear

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #4222 in Lighting
  • Brand: Philips
  • Model: 69171/60/PU
  • Released on: 2011-08-11


  • Enjoy a 50% increase in light intensity (compared to 1st generation)
  • Link to multiple LivingColors products
  • 16 million colours
  • Intuitive remote control
  • Dimming and colour intensity

Product Description

Philips LivingColors Gen 2

Colouring Your World with Even More Light

Philips brings you a new world of light and colour. Philips LivingColors Gen 2 is an innovative LED light with an intuitive remote control that enables you to create your own ambience. Available in two styles: versatile clear or sophisticated black.

Enjoy the latest high-performance LED technology, with a low power consumption of only 15 watts.

Choose from hundreds to create your own personal favorite colour. Touch the colour ring and create your own individual ambience.

Automatic colour change.

Choose From up to 16 Million Colours
  • Transform your home with just a touch
  • Choose from up to 16 million colours, create your own personal favourite colour
  • Decide on colour intensity and brightness - conveniently by remote control
  • Enjoy a 50% increase in light intensity (compared to first-generation LivingColors)
  • LivingColors retains your personalised setting when switched off so it's ready from the moment you switch it on again
  • The new generation has almost twice as many LEDs as the first (4 compared with 7)
  • Accordingly, the new generation has a better colour intensity and brightness (approximately 50% more)
  • The second generation is smaller and almost one-third more efficient
  • The new generation offers the user a greater variety of personal settings
  • The rapidity of the color changer can be adjusted individually
  • The flattened bottom means LivingColors can be placed anywhere in the room

Customer Reviews

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

39 of 40 people found the following review helpful.
5One of my favourite gadgets
By D. Jones
Watch Video Here: I have a large cream wall close to the TV and each night I turn off the main light and switch this on, projecting it onto the wall. It projects beautiful warm colours onto the wall which create a fabulous ambience.You can choose any colour from the colour wheel on the remote and leave that one colour projecting onto the wall. You can store your three favourite colours. Or, like me, you can set the lamp to rotate through the range of colours. The colour change speed can be set from every 5 seconds (much too fast) to once an hour. You can also change the saturation of the colours and the brightness which means that you have millions of different colour options available.The lamp is a simple but elegant design which requires practically no putting together. The most you have to do is remove it from the box, attach the power cable and put the batteries (supplied) into the remote. Switch the lamp on at the wall and start to play.Because the bulb is an LED it should last for many thousands of hours - which is good because once you have one of these lamps you are likely to have it on every single evening, all evening.The remote control is beautifully designed and it is so nice to see something different to standard rectangular black remotes. The remote fits comfortably into the palm of your hand and you select the colour by placing your finger onto the colour wheel and the lamp instantly changes colour.It is handy that the remote control works with wireless signals rather than infra red as it means you don't need to be keep standing up and pointing it at the lamp to make changes.The only negatives (and they are not that major an issue) is that it would be nice to be able to change the angle of the lamp. You can change where it goes on the wall by swivelling it around or by stacking it up on books but other than that you don't have a great deal of options. Also, the plastic casing is large (see the video) and you need a decent amount of space on a flat surface on which to store it. I don't mind the size, especially as the lamp looks so unique.I absolutely love this mood lamp and can honestly say it is one of the best things I have purchased this year.

16 of 17 people found the following review helpful.
5Glowing Review
By Mr. K. A. Mitchell
I bought this as a Xmas present for the Mrs as she'd wanted one for ages. Couldn't wait for the 25th so we set it up. I am really impressed with the design quality of it; unlike a lot of lights it actually looks fantastic, and better than in the picture. Certainly something you'd be happy to have in your main room.The Living Colours Gen2 light is about the size of a goldfish bowl and this model is made of clear plastic (I actually thought it was glass) although you can get one with a darkened outside Philips LivingColors Gen 2 69171/30/PU Colour Changing Mood Lamp with Remote Control, Black. The light needs to be placed near a wall socket for its power cable, this isn't shown in the product picture.Firstly, and most importantly, the light produced is really quite beautiful and can be changed in multiple ways to suit individual taste. When set to produce a white or yellow light it's probably comparable to an 11W energy saving bulb (50W incandescent). It only uses 15W maximum so it's also energy efficient due to its LED light source.The light can be controlled by a wireless remote control that is an elegant circular design, with an internal ring showing the full spectrum of colours. Selecting the colour simply involves touching the colour you want on the remote. You can also control the brightness and saturation. If you decrease the saturation it becomes white light and you can read with it (or with the brighter yellows). However it's not meant as a reading light as the beam is angled diagonally upward to hit a wall or corner.The remote control can also be used to turn the light on or off. Note that the remote is powered by 3 replaceable AAA batteries.The light can also be programmed to change colour at a reasonable rate or almost imperceptibly. I quite like to set it on the slow change setting.I have ours set up in the corner of our living room and it's great to turn off other lights when watching DVDs or TV as you don't get any annoying light on the screen but you can still see clearly.I highly recommend this light if you want to add some mood lighting to your room. Best of all you can buy others and they can all be controlled simultaneously from the one remote. I am seriously considering this.One final plus point the bulbs are LEDs, I design electronic equipment for a living and we specify our LEDs for 20 years plus. Therefore you should never have to worry about the bulb giving up. Phillips knows their stuff in this regard.SummaryBeautiful light sourceElegant designReasonably bright (much brighter than similar products I've seen)Energy efficientQuiet (no humming of any kind)Immensely controllable via remote

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful.
5great mood light
By Mr. R. O'reilly
this is a great mood light for any time of day its bright enough to show up in daylight and can really set the mood at night, the slow colour cycle is also really nice if you just want it on while your'e watching t.v, the remote works from miles away ( well outside the house) and its really easy to use and get the light to do what you want after 5 minutes of playing with it you'll be an expert, there is one thing that doesn't bother me at all but may some people and that is the light its self dose make a very slight hum when its on, nothing you can hear over the t.v and you do have to listen out for it even when the t.v is off but im sure some people will really moan about this, other then that this is the king off all mood lights and also looks great even when its not on.

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